Tavita’s Is Closing- Tomorrow is the last day to buy yarn!
Tavita’s Tailgate tomorrow from 11-4!

Discounts with game ticket, free food, sales on select yarns:

Tranquility Bamboo/Wool and Frog Tree Alpaca now $5 a skein! (originally $7).

Come by and visit us! 

Get “cozy” with Fall

I’m glad it’s Fall. I think it’s my favorite season of the year. Pumpkin and apple scented things, cardigans, clear blue skies, golds, browns, olive greens….the list can go on! 

When I think of Fall I think of warm drinks…I love warm drinks, even in the middle of Summer…hot tea, coffee, cider, etc. And I like my drinks hot: lukewarm, no thanks!!

So as quick, during a movie, or lazy afternoon (like we get those a lot ;p) I like to knit up cabled cozies. This one is probably my all time favorite:


Here’s another cute Fall idea:


I would make them big enough to use for pot holders or hot pads. 


Baby Alpaca Shawl and Madeline Tosh Sample

2 great shawl patterns in Fall Interweave Knits and Knitscene:

Pembroke Wrap. Only 2 skeins of Baby Alpaca Chunky can make this warm soft delightful shawl! 

1 skein of Madeline Tosh Sock (soon to come!) will make this sweet little thing entitled Live Oak Shawlette. 

Or as I like to wear it…

Class Reminder!

Remember everyone! 

Tomorrow morning at 10:30 Knitting Techniques; it’s free, come with some yarn and 2 sets of medium sized needles (between a 7 and 9).

Saturday at 11am- Fixing Your Mistakes- $10 and includes a crochet hook. Come prepared with 2 swatches, 1 garter stitch and stockinette stitch that are NOT bound off so we can work with them. 

I couldn’t resist…

I had to go ahead and knit something with the Sari SIlk with Gold! I had been wanting a market bag, so I decided to knit one of those. I really like how it came out. It took me exactly 1 skein (I literally had 1 foot left), so if you knit any differently or want thicker straps or a larger body, it’ll definitely take 2 skeins. Not to mention I had to sew it together with some other yarn, so there’s that too. I did this in a matter of hours today, so it’s a really quick, nice knit.


The handles criss cross, I thought it might add durability plus it looks cool!

I am offering this pattern free with purchase of yarns. 

New Products!

Yummy yummy banana fiber, sari silk, and sari silk WITH GOLD! 

AND Brooklyn Tweed Patterns

For more pictures, visit our Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tavitas-Heart/175160412505493


This weather makes me wanna knit this…
Entrelac Purses!

Here are our finished products from the entrelac class:

Without the handles

With handles

September Schedule

September Schedule: 

New Hours:


Tues 10:30-7  Wed-Fri 10:30-6
Sat 11-5 (Saturday hours may change throughout football season)

Thursday, Sept 1 at 10:30am and

Saturday, Sept 17th at 11am    Fixing Your Mistakes 

Learn to pick up stitches, tink, and more! Cost is $10 and includes a crochet hook for picking up your stitches. 

 Please e-mail or call if you want to attend this class; YOU WILL HAVE HOMEWORK. 

Thursday, Sept 15 at 10:30am  Techniques

Learn increase, decreases, different cast ons and cast offs. 

 This class is free; yarn and needles required. 

Friday, Sept 16th at 5pm   Crochet Lab 

Learn beyond the basics in crochet and get help with your projects.

Thursday, Sept 29 at 10:30am and 5pm  Reading Patterns and Charts

Learnt to read a simple written pattern and chart. The class is free; yarn and needles required.